Interprovincial Pro Football Conference

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2015 IPFC Collegiate Draft

Round 1




RB Kevin Blanchard


QB Shaun Parsons

Durant University

Kevin Blanchard is a two time ACFA  (American Collegiate Football Association) Offensive MVP award winner.  He led Durant University to two consecutive national titles.  Blanchard led the ACFA in yards per carry and in receptions for running backs.  With his combination of running speed, running power and a good hands, Blanchard is a great fit for the IPFC.   

2015 Stats Rushing:
Attempts: 159

Yards: 896  
Touchdowns: 6

2015 Receiving:
Receptions: 38
Yards: 471

Touchdowns: 3

2015 Offensive Rookie of the Year


St. John University, New Brunswick

A Leamington, Ontario native, Parsons played four years at St. John University in New Brunswick.  Parsons had an impressive career in the Canadian Collegiate Football Association (CCFA).  In his senior year, he ranked #1 in the CCFA for passer rating, passing yards, touchdowns and only allowed a handful of interceptions.  Parsons is an efficient pocket passer who should have a solid career in the IPFC. 

2015 Passing Stats:

Completions: 197
Attempts: 372

Yards: 2568
Touchdowns: 14
Interceptions: 14




WR Nicholas Frazier

SB (Seal Bay) University


RB Blake Thornton

Royal University

Californian Nicholas Frazier is a great combination of speed and hands.  After four years at SB University, Frazier holds most of their receiving records and was named an All American twice.  For his rookie season, Saskatoon can expect a good performance with several All-Pro moments.

2015 Receiving Stats:
Receptions: 33

Yards: 464

Touchdowns: 4


Ottawa native Blake Thornton was selected to fill the void left by Cedric Foster when he left for Quebec.  With the lack of running back depth in the 2015 Draft, Thornton was the second best option.  Some scouts were not impressed with Thornton who only possesses decent speed and power.  However, his overall football IQ is why he was selected so early by London.  Although he will start, London will still consider him a prospect.

2015 Rushing Stats:

Attempts: 52

Yards: 207

Touchdowns: 1

2015 Receiving Stats:

Receptions: 11

Yards: 97

Touchdowns: 0





G Angelo Newton


G Tony Carlson

University of Fort Worth


Twin Cities University

At 6'3, 325 lbs, Dallas native Angelo Newton should be QB Mark McClellan and RB Ntwannu Nyamadi's protector for years to come.  Newton is large and strong enough to keep on-coming pass rushers at bay yet quick enough to open holes for runners. Newton will bring balance to the left side of Halifax's line. 


Minnesota native Tony Carlson and was edged out by Angelo Newton at the IPFC combine.  Despite not being as good as Newton, Carlson is still a good fit for Quebec.  Throughout his four year ACFA career, he was a dependable run and pass blocker.  Carlson is expected to get the starting nod over Andy Kelsch.





T Bradley Robbins


SB Von Barber

University of London


St. John University, New Brunswick

After his junior year in CCFA, Robbins elected to enter the IPFC Draft.  Robbins is a good pass and run blocker who most believe would have benefited from his senior year of U of L.  Although scouts do not believe Robbins reached his full potential, they still believe he has the talent to start for Vancouver.      


Despite his lack of speed, Von Barber was Shaun Parsons' favorite clutch target at St. John U.  In the CCFA, Barber was not only a known as a dependable receiver but as a good run blocker.  With Hugo Hale at the helm in Niagara, Barber will have plenty of opportunity to showcase his talent.  

2015 Receiving Stats:
Receptions: 40

Yards: 521

Touchdowns: 0


Round 2

DT Jeremy Snyder – Alberta

S Douglas Hart – Windsor 

DB Ryan Higgins – Saskatoon

DB Tim Poole – London 

WR Josh Nelson – Halifax 

DE Stewart Stevens – Quebec

ILB Kevin Cain – Vancouver 

OLB David Black – Niagara


Round 3

Round 4

FB Darryl Harrison – Alberta

SR Casey Spencer – Windsor

C Lionel Moss – Saskatoon

K/P Sheldon Butler – London

DT Geoffrey Wilson – Halifax

RB Martin Norton – Quebec

T Alfonso Nunez – Vancouver

OLB Jon Townsend – Niagara

FB Leon Jensen – Alberta

DB Lucas Cunningham – Windsor

DE Leroy White – Saskatoon

DT Eddie Strickland – London

WR Greg Anderson – Halifax

C Tyler Cain – Quebec

QB Ted Watson – Vancouver

SR Gabe Roberts – Niagara